Paul De Angelis (co-publisher, editorial director) was born in Greece, grew up in suburban Washington DC and Italy, went to school in the Boston area and spent 25 years in the New York book world as an editor, publisher, & occasional translator before relocating with his family to Tivoli NY in 1991. There, he discovered the rich rural and village heritage within a stone's throw of the Northeast's urban/suburban heartland. Though he moved his home base across state lines to the NW Corner of Connecticut in 2001, he retains his connections to and affections for the mid-Hudson—and frequently works out of the AboutTown office in Red Hook’s Chocolate Factory.


Gail Jaffe-Bennek (co-publisher, advertising director) brings her love of people, a commitment to the Hudson Valley community, and a background in education, social work and counseling to AboutTown. She directs the Continuing Education program for the Red Hook Central School District, and two years ago became a grandmother. Gail's life is filled with a wonderful family, friends and hobbies like kayaking, scuba diving, walking, cross-country skiing, and gardening. She is also a novice knitter and quilter.

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In the spring of 1997 Gail Jaffe Bennek and Paul De Angelis co-founded the southern Columbia and northern Dutchess counties edition of AboutTown, a quarterly guide to the Rhinebeck-Red Hook-Hudson region of the Mid-Hudson Valley. This acclaimed community guide offers informative local perspectives on the past and present and a guide to savoring the richness of the towns and villages we live in and the people who populate them. It also offers a convenient platform for exploring the multiple meanings of cultural development on the local, national, and global levels.

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