For more than four decades I served in the book publishing business as Editor, Editorial Director, or Editor-in-Chief of such publishing companies as St. Martin's Press, E.P. Dutton, and Kodansha America. After becoming an independent editor in 1996 I founded Paul De Angelis Book Development, which assists authors, agents, publishers and organizations in turning ideas & manuscripts into books. I have co-translated several books, and for two decades I have written and supported community journalism, first as Editorial Director and Co-publisher of the mid-Hudson Valley area quarterly AboutTown, and as board member and President of the Cornwall Chronicle, the monthly publication (and website) dedicated to Cornwall, Connecticut. In 2010 St. Martin’s Press published the book I wrote (co-author Jay Mulvaney), Dear Mrs. Kennedy: The World Shares Its Grief, Letters November 1963. In addition, I act as the literary agent for the Estate of Leonora Carrington, the noted writer and painter who died in 2011.

Selected Books (edited, translated, or written)

Modern Song: An Essay on Rossini’s Italian Operas, by Emanuele Senici  

The Complete Stories, The Hearing Trumpet, and The Milk of Dreams by Leonora Carrington

Lest We Forget: A Doctor’s Experience with Life and Death During the Ebola Crisis, by Kwan Kew Lai

A Very Private Eye: An Autobiography in Diaries and Letters and 13 novels by Barbara Pym

Why Sane People Believe Crazy Things: How Belief Can Help or Hurt Social Peace by N. S. Palmer

The Bathroom by Jean-Philippe Toussaint

Rimsky-Korsakov and His World, edited by Marina Walker, and more than 20 other volumes in the Bard Music Festival series

Dear Mrs. Kennedy: The World Shares Its Grief, Letters November 1963, by Jay Mulvaney & Paul De Angelis

Maharishi and Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru, by Susan Shumsky

The Nobel Book of Answers, edited by Bettina Stiekel

The Double Life of Laurence Oliphant, Bart Casey

Inside 9-11: What Really Happened, by the Reporters, Writers, and Editors of Der Spiegel Magazine

For forty-seven years the world of books and book publishing has been my home ground. I might be able to help you find your place in it as well.



 “Surrealist writer and painter Leonora Carrington (1917–2011) was a master of the macabre, of gorgeous tableaus, biting satire, roguish comedy, and brilliant, effortless flights of the imagination.”

—from the 2017 edition of The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington




“Even the least polished letters have a powerful effect. . . . Books like Dear Mrs Kennedy . . . have extra-literary value.”

The New York Times Book Review 




“Thank you, Paul, for being an awesome mentor in the writing process.”

—Susan Shumsky, Maharishi and Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles’ Guru




 “The sparkle [her novels had] on first acquaintance has been succeeded by the deeper brilliance of established art.”

— Philip Larkin regarding the rediscovery of Barbara Pym




When the science of cloning has been perfected to include book editors, Paul De Angelis would be a good place to begin.”

— Christopher Hailey, Alban Berg and His World.